WOCU partner in PR China

WDX, owners & distributors of the WOCU, are pleased to announce that the first partnership arrangement with PR China has been completed. The Shanghai Metals Market is the leading integrated service provider in China’s non-ferrous metal market, with daily average rate of hits as high as 15,000,000. SMM owns more than 50,000 registers & over 30,000 subscribers from more than 130 countries and areas. “Finding an initial partner in PR China has been a key development in the global brand-awareness campaign for the WOCU”, comments Andy Slater, Director of Sales at WDX. “Investigating base metals pricing in WOCU and accessing such a vast network of SMM’s registered members is an exciting prospect. I hope that this will lead to more interest in businesses from Asia becoming members of the WOCU EPS – leading to full, commercial arrangements.”