GuardTime's Keyless Signatures provide proof of integrity for the WOCU

LONDON, August 6, 2012 – Excessive volatility in foreign exchange rates creates a tremendous amount of business uncertainty. The WOCU World Currency Unit by WDX Institute is a contemporary derivative currency basket comprised of quoted currencies, providing the perfect “off the shelf” natural currency stabilization solution to this issue. Critical financial decisions will be made using WOCU distributed fixing data distributed as PDF files. The guarantee of accuracy and authenticity of this data must be absolute and WOCU’s integration of the Guardtime Keyless Signatures provides independent and auditable proof that distributed WOCU fixing data has not been compromised.

“Guardtime is typically working with companies for whom the integrity of their electronic data is of critical importance, and there is no better example than WDX Institute and WOCU ,” says Mike Gault, CEO of Guardtime. “We’re happy to support this innovative currency stabilization solution, especially relevant in today’s economic climate.”

Mike Blakey, Managing Director of the WDX Organisation: “WOCU data and applications allow our clients to fully recognize the value of the WOCU as a natural currency stabilizer. With the integration of the Guardtime Keyless Signatures, our clients now have the proof they need that WOCU fixing data is authentic and tamper-free. This supports our goal of promulgating the unfettered use of the WOCU in markets and businesses around the world.”

As a result of the integration of Guardtime Keyless Signatures, all WOCU fixing data is indelibly signed to prove integrity and authenticity, concurrent with delivery to WOCU subscribers; WDX Organisation Limited maintain long-term proof of integrity for historical currency values without the need to manage complex and expensive PKI-based systems.

About Guardtime

Guardtime was founded with the goal of solving one of the biggest problems in computing: how to be sure electronic data is authentic. Guardtime’s Keyless Signatures provide proof of origin and that not a single bit has changed since a specific point in time. The verification of the signature can be done offline without reliance on keys, secrets, or the existence of a trusted third party. Guardtime’s mission is to change the world to one in which Keyless Signatures are ubiquitous and a natural part of the everyday data lifecycle, whether on disk, in transit, or in the Cloud. Visit for more information about using Keyless Signatures for signing your data.