Mobile App - WOCU

WDX Organisation Ltd. (“WDX”), the owner and distributor of the real time WOCU world currency unit quotation announces it has released an Asian language iPad/iPhone/iTouch application (“App”) to access the WOCU. The App was developed by Zip2Zap Communications Limited, a software developer based in Hong Kong.

The App tracks the value of the WOCU against major currencies and commodities (including precious metals and energy). The App includes a FX Converter, Spot FX rates, quotes, charts, daily fixing prices, sorting, and storage of the user’s currency pair favourites. It is powerful, feature rich and available free of charge (for 15 minute delayed data) from the Apple iTunes App Store at: .

The App runs in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The WOCU currency derivative is based on the real time exchange rates of the currency pairs of the world’s top 20 nations as determined by IMF measures of GDP. The WOCU naturally takes into account changing economic power and commercial currency values as an elegant, market driven solution to the need for a low volatility global reference currency.

The integrity of the WOCU is ensured by the WDX Institute (a wholly independent not-for-profit research body established by WDX) which independently monitors the WOCU and its constituent revisions, as determined by IMF GDP figures every six months, to ensure the WOCU’s independence, non-manipulation and standardisation.

Roger Durn of Zip2Zap said; “The idea of an apolitical currency basket that reduces volatility in the present Currency Maelstrom is one we know that people in this region will really take to”.

Michael King, MD of WDX said; “This iPhone App available in the key Asian languages is part of our strategy to introduce the WOCU into this vibrant trading region.”