WOCU Anticipates Euro Breakup

The European Union is in turmoil. The UK is about to exit, choking off essential payments from the EU’s second biggest net contributor. Germany will likely have to make up the budget shortfall. France appears hell-bent on a rerun of 1789, the new street revolution fuelled by inequitable taxation. Italy’s budget is in doubt – with German and French creditors knocking at its door. Eastern European EU members are resisting European Commission diktats, especially on migration. Swept under the carpet is the EU’s dirty little secret that will trigger the next fight; the European Commission’s inevitable attempt at the contentious harmonisation of Corporation Tax rates.

It’s fair to ask; will the Euro survive? And what can be done about it?

Here at WOCU we are fully prepared for Euro collapse. If a Euro denominated WOCU constituent country (Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands) crashes out of the Eurozone the WOCU calculation will switch seamlessly to consume the replacement currency in its correct proportion. The Euro or any other fiat currency may fail, but the WOCU will endure.

WOCU Limited can’t predict exactly when the Euro will fail, or even start its terminal decline. But it surely will. History tells us that all Fiat Currencies must eventually die: The average life expectancy of a Fiat Currency is just 27 years. It’s painfully obvious that the Euro is now nearer to failure than it has ever been.

The WOCU is always prepared for this inevitability. As currencies and countries prosper or fail, the WOCU automatically adjusts. The WOCU is a natural FX shock absorber, an elegant solution to financial life across national borders and currencies.

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