WOCU covered by respected Asian service

The WOCU is now covered by one of the World’s top Forex advisory websites – Kshitij Consultancy Services – from their offices in Kolkata, India. Kshitij have been a front runner in their space for 15 years with an impressive number of global subscribers to their free and premium services.

Initially Kshitij will cover the WOCU/USD and WOCU/EUR currency pairs and it is expected that this will extend to WOCU/INR, Gold and Oil in the coming weeks. To access the reports please click here

WDX (the owners and distributors of the WOCU) is extremely pleased to announce the partnership with Kshitij – the first such collaboration in the technical analysis space and also, for WDX, in Asia”, comments Andy Slater, Director of Sales. He continues, “The WOCU is gaining momentum with a growing pipeline of potential partnerships in the exchange-traded, OTC and physical commodity space. The reach of Kshitij is very impressive and will greatly assist in the WOCU’s land-grab phase.”