WOCU Futures & Options announced

It has today been announced that the Polish Futures Exchange (“PRT”) will be offering a suite of WOCU-based Futures and Options products, together with a spot WOCU Index, on a non-exclusive basis. This binding agreement will be finalised in due course, at which time the first raft of products will be formally announced. However, it is anticipated that there will be a heavy leaning towards FX products that will compliment the commodities products already offered on the Warsaw Commodity Exchange (“WGT”), the 100% owner of PRT.

WDX has licensed its unique currency index algorithm to PRT, with revenues being generated in a combination of fixed monthly and variable transaction fees – fitting in with the business model already announced for physical commodities with Navitas Resources.

“With the founding of PRT and this Agreement to employ the Wocu, WGT has signalled the next stage in their successful story. WGT will not only be one of Europe’s largest exchange based commodity markets as now, but is expected to be the first exchange to offer WOCU futures and options”, comments Michael King, MD of WDX. He adds “We look forward to working with PRT to realise the Agreement’s potential. This prospective provision of Wocu based futures and options instruments takes us to the next stage in building the WOCU’s value, enhancing the value of and building on our focus on commodity pricing, such as the Bunker Fuel pricing agreement of this year.”