WOCU mentioned in Payments Association white paper

WOCU currency, along with our partner UNITE Global, appears in the Payments Association white paper “King for a Day: Charting the Future of Cross Border Payments”.

The Payments Association is the largest community in payments. Founded in the UK in 2008, the association now operates communities in the UK, EU and Asia, helping companies enhance their commercial interests, solve societal problems such as financial exclusion and evaluate new opportunities for innovation in payments.

The widely read paper lists some of the more interesting suggestions from respondents for how to make cross-border payments safer, cheaper and faster. These suggestions include, as the very first bullet point: “Embrace the Unite Global cross-border hub and use a universal settlement currency based on WOCU”, and further down: a “Super centralized liquidity hub” (appearing to describe an advantage of UNITE’s correspondent hub).

The Payments Association white paper is available here